Friday Service

  • Friday Vespers 7:30 PM

Saturday Service

  • Sabbath School 9:30 AM
    (Bible Study)
  • Worship Service 11:00 AM


And Jesus met the woman at the well and through talking He made her change all her life.

The Sabbath school is the heart of the church and as the heart of the church it makes many of us come to Jesus and change our ways daily and weekly in support more and more of Christ like life. The Sabbath school makes us see the church in a world vision through the mission stories and other evangelical programs.

We aim at using our Sabbath school department as a vehicle through which we will pull many to our savior Jesus Christ. The sweetness of the Sabbath school is based on how all of us take part, as teachers of children and youth and adults classes.

Our superintendents are a praying team who work tirelessly to bring harmony in the programs and have the interest of membership at heart. Feel free please to attend our Sabbath school classes and morning program when you will feel the spirit of Sabbath school. We will be happy to meet with you.

Our Adult Sabbath School begins at 9:30 a.m. each week and ends at 10:45 a.m. The program consists of special features or mission story, comments by the Sabbath School superintendent, and a Bible-based lesson study.

Adult Lesson Study